10 Steps To Take When Your Home Floods

Flooding and water damage in your home can be overwhelming and devastating if not addressed quickly.  These are the things you need to do in the first 24 hours after your house floods:

  1. Always use safety first – leave the area if necessary, wear proper attire and protection, use proper tools and stay away from damaged utilities.  Only stay in your home if it is habitable.
  2. Call a plumber to address the water source.
  3. Turn off the water and electricity in your home.
  4. Move your possessions out of the path of water.
  5. Take pictures of the damaged areas, especially standing water.
  6. Call a reputable and knowledgeable water mitigation company, such as Bales Cleaning & Restoration.
  7. Bales Cleaning & Restoration’s first step will be to remove as much water/mud/sewage as possible with professional extraction equipment.
  8. Next, Bales Cleaning & Restoration will remove destroyed surfaces before it can grow mold, such as contaminated carpet, carpet padding, carpet tac, drywall & insulation 12 inches above the wet area, furniture, doors/door frames, etc.
  9. Then, Bales Cleaning & Restoration will thoroughly dry all remaining surfaces to ensure that there is no mold growth.  We will provide fans and dehumidifiers in any rooms affected by water.  This drying process can take up to a few days.
  10. Call your insurance company to report the claim.  Bales Cleaning & Restoration will work on your behalf to ensure the best coverage possible.

Only after all these steps are taken can you begin to rebuild the damage.  Bales Cleaning & Restoration is here to help you each step of the way if you are ever in a water crisis.

10 steps to take when you have a house flood and water damage
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