Bales Cleaning and Restoration Services
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2510 Bethman Road, St. Charles, MO 63301 | 24 Hour Response Team 636-498-1000

Floor Care Services

Floor Refinishing

Restore your tile floors to their original glory. Waxing and buffing can sometimes provide a good shine, but refinishing the floor is usually the only way to restore your tile floors to their original richness and beauty.  This is one aspect of our floor care services.


With Most offices and stores, floor care is most important then a customer enter the building. We do routine buffing according to the plan that you set up with Bales Services. We use finishes that are slip resistant and has optical enhancers for the wet look that many owners look for. We do Weekly, bi Weekly, Daily and Monthly buffing.

Stripping and Waxing

We use High Gloss Extra Durable and Scuff resistant floor finishes to bring out the best wet look for your office. We use a high traffic floor finish which contains 20% or more solids, that is exceptionally durable. The acrylic-copolymer finish is designed for minimal maintenance at the highest gloss. The finish performs well with infrequent burnishing, spray buff or low-maintenance procedures. Exceptional resistance to scuff and black heel marks. Levels with no streak  mop trails and is  slip-resistant when properly maintained.